About Us

Aziin Undarga LLC, also known as AZUNDAR, is founded in 2013. Our operation includes supply and services in electric, construction and ICT sector in Mongolia. Since our establishment, our products and services have been growing thanks to our strategic partnership with leading companies in various sectors around the world.

We aim to increase our growing market share through excellence of our products and the industrial solutions we offer.With our wide range of products, services and the significant experience we gained throughout industrial applications we completed, our engineers can offer the solution that best meets the customer’s requirements.

Our products

LED lights

Super bright, energy efficient LED bulbs and lights designed for industrial and commercial use


Wi-Fi networking

Secure and reliable wireless broadband solutions designed for remote areas


Heating Solutions

Wide range of flexible surface heaters, temperature controls and insulators


Lifting System

Lifting systems provide convenience for maintaining high bay lights, CCTV, smoke detectors


Featured Product - Lifting system

The light lifts are used to maintain or retrofit luminaries, CCTV, fire and smoke detectors or banners in safe, simple and economical manner.

Our Services

In close collaboration with clients, our engineers can propose solutions tailored to specific application scenarios of end-user.

Electric & Automation

Transformer and generator installation, maintenance and consulting; design, install and upgrade construction electrical wiring, electrical services and sub-panels for commercial and industrial area.

Solutions research

Sensor based automated data collection and analysis reporting for air quality, gas level, distance and light brightness, eco solutions such as renewable heating and water utilization monitoring solutions.

Featured Project - LED light for Oyu tolgoi

We supply various types of LED bulbs and lights for Oyu tolgoi mine site. Our LED bulbs and high bay lights are designed for industrial applications and have IP65 rating.

Our Partners