We have delivered wide range of products and services to our customers since 2013. Our teams have wealth of knowledge and experience over 4 years. Our specialization and development of different branches of technology have provided us with more diverse market share and stability.

Power line design and installation work

Diplomatic service department, Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Power line and substation installation work for trade Centre

Mon Top Trade LLC, Bayanzurkh district

Power line supply and installation for “Residential” town

Mon Top Trade LLC, Bayanzurkh district

Power transformers and distribution panels supply installation for “Erkhes” town

Mon House LLC, SonginoKhairkhan district

Designed and built Automatic drip watering system 110 Hectare planting field


Sectorized cell established for backhaul link purpose to remotely located field offices

Baganuur coal mine

Established Wi-Fi network for local data accumulating from fixed sensors and mobile equipment

Baganuur coal mine

Supply and installation of warehouse LED lights

United Partner Investment LLC

Suppy of LED bulbs and high bay lights

Oyu Tolgoi LLC

Installation of Mobile surveillance for Trucks

Tavan Tolgoi Tulsh LLC