Lifting System

We are official distributor of REEL TECH Korea, the manufacturer of wide range of lifting system used for maintaining high bay luminaries, CCTV camera, banners etc. Lifting system is used to maintain, retrofit luminaires, banners or cameras in a safe, simple and economical manner. Luminaires can be repaired, re-lamped or cleaned at the push of a button at ground level. No need for specialized equipment or personnel.

Safety Technics

Locking device
Electric contacts
In the combined state, locking device can withstand up to 1000kgs. So that, tension is not caused on the wire and lighting will not fall. The circular contact has large surface area and individual elasticity so that electric current flow is very excellent.
 Detect no load
Detect over load
 If lift detects no load by lighting fixture reaches on the ground or hanged to obstacle, lifter stops operation automatically.  If lift detects overload by lighting fixture hanged to obstacle, lift stops the operation automatically.
Auto stop function
No spark
 Lift can adjust the lowering height. If lowering height was set by RCU, lift always stops at set height automatically.  Even though lighting is lowering in state of lighting is turned on, the spark is not caused on the contacts of lift.
Detect overheat
Detect of ascend stop
 If lift is overheated by repeat operation, lift checks the temperature of motor and stops the operation automatically  if lower part reachs at the upper part and is combined, lift stops operation automatically.

Products Catalog

PFI-100/200/300/500 – Super Heavy Duty, 4 wires

PDI-35 – Heavy Duty, 2 wire

PSI-20 – Heavy Duty, 1 wire

HDI-25 – Hook Type, 2 wire

HSI-18 – Hook Type, 1 wire

CDI-15 – Compact Type, 2 wires

CSI-12 – Compact Type, 1 wire

MDI/3/6/9 – Mini Type, 2 wire

MSI/1/2/5 – Mini Type, 1 Wire