LED lux meter

With the ever growing success of LED lighting a need has arisen for specialized LED Light Meters. A professional LED light meter specifically calibrated relative spectral sensitivity wavelength of 550nm to the JIS standard C1609-1993 measuring corrected LED way white spectrum. LED lights produce white light very differently to incandescent lights. A traditional lux meter may give an accurate reading of 500 lux, but the human eye can’t visibly see all 500 lux and may actually only be able to see 300 lux. Ultimately this result in inaccuracies.

Then, The LED light meter is useful for measuring and optimizing environmental light levels in a wide range of environments, including office buildings, manufacturing plants and warehouses, university campuses, schools, hospitals, and many other locations. Use of LED lighting is on the rise because it is more efficient to operate, it emits stable, high quality illumination, and the technology is dropping in price.

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